Prof B S Murty

Prof. B.S. Murty is an Institute Professor and Girija & R. Muralidharan Chair Professor at the department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Madras, India. His fields of interests are High entropy alloys, Nanocrystalline materials and nanocomposites, bulk metallic glasses, grain refinement and modification of Al alloys, Al based composites, in-situ composites, non-equilibrium processing, particulate technologies, thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transformations, transmission electron microscopy, atom probe tomography. He has authored above 400 journal publications and 4 books. He has supervised 39 PhDs and 20 PhDs are ongoing. He has completed over 55 sponsored research projects and currently handling 13 projects and filed 20 patents.He has pioneered the field of non-equilibrium processing of materials by mechanical alloying. He has not only developed advanced materials using this route, but also has made key contributions to the development of theoretical frame work in this field.He has made significant contributions to the field of bulk metallic glasses including developing thermodynamic models for predicting glass forming ability. He has also set up Deakin-IITM Centre of Excellence on Advanced Materials and Manufacturing at IIT Madras jointly with Deakin University, Australia.